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Still, finding the best live casino Singapore? Want to play but are afraid of choosing the wrong provider or brand? Afraid that your time and resources investment will be in vain? If so, you have come to the right place because we at 77Bet SG are the best gaming solution for you!

We are 77Bet SG, the most trusted online casino Singapore. We always provide the best service in accordance with this industry standard and even beyond – only for you: the beloved customers as well as loyal members. Always entrust your entertainment business to us because you are in our good hands!

On this occasion, we will provide a complete and detailed description of the various live casino in Singapore services as well as the products we offer. We do this, indeed, so that you get to know us better and want to share your expected fun with us. Our scope will be limitless: by only our exposure through the discussion, you will learn everything about 77Bet SG.

Today’s discussion consists of: the available casino games, our existing features, the reasons why we are worthy of your choice, tips and tricks for betting, how to play with us, and also attached FAQs as the summary. So, please do not go anywhere and stay with us because this will be fascinating. 

Best Live Casino Singapore Games in 77BET 

The existence of games as the offered services is the backbone that underpins all live casino Singapore activities – we understand that. For this reason, we always consider this aspect as one of the main focuses of our business. In considering what we have to provide, we always include players’ excitement and convenience aspects in order to maximize our efforts. So here we describe our offered services you can enjoy.

Baccarat online Singapore

Baccarat is a popular game among our members and customers – so we believe it is necessary to include them in our Singapore live casino lineup. This card game has a complex scheme but is fun to play. To win, the player needs to get a card bigger than the dealer/house’s, for which the maximum value of the card combination is 9. Like all our live casino lineups, you can feel the sensation of immersiveness similar to the experience of playing in a land-based casino!

Poker online Singapore

Undoubtedly, everyone is familiar already with the poker game system and the various combinations of cards (poker hands) that you must achieve: full house, straight, flush, of a kind, pair, etc. As one of the most popular ‘comparing card’ games in the world (as well as the most widely advertised in modern literature), Poker has become our must-have live casino Singapore service.


As a signature game from the casino service, it would be quite odd if we did not offer Roulette. This game is easily recognizable just from its appearance: a table game that relies on a thrown ball at the spinning wheel with various combinations of numbers and colors. Its gameplay is also relatively simple, where players only need to guess where the thrown ball will land – the correct one will win the round. 

Live Sic Bo online Singapore

It is a game that is very much in demand by players in this gaming climate of the Asian market. This game (identical to the game of dice) is a traditional gambling and betting product which still very much sought after. With our live casino Singapore feature, you will still experience a variety of excitement on an actual casino floor: real-time, side by side with other online players, and led by a live-cam real-person dealer.

Blackjack live online

Although the concept of this game is quite similar to the Baccarat above, this game is much more popular. In fact, it has become so popular that Blackjack is worth aligning side by side with Poker. The game relies on a combination of ‘face’ cards (King/Queen/Jack) and ‘aces’ to reach a maximum value of 21 (the Blackjack). That is why we want our members and customers to experience it only through us!

Fan Tan online

Besides Sic Bo, we provide another traditional gambling and betting service: the Fan Tan. For sure, it is the other signature of Singapore live casino. With characteristics that can be considered Asia’s version of Roulette, its scheme is pretty unique: guessing the number of spilled objects within a quadruple count. With such a scheme, you will only find this service on providers and brands in the Asian market – you can enjoy it with us, 77Bet SG!

Dragon Tiger

And lastly, as if does not want to be left behind, we also include the Dragon Tiger in this discussion. Not only are we providing exclusive Singapore live casino services, but we also provide access to other portals that we consider worthy of collaboration. Our effort is to open up opportunities for all our members and customers to enjoy wider services. So if a partnership can make us achieve that, it is also possible that we will do it: one of them is with Dragon Tiger.

Why 77bet is the Best Singapore Live Casino

Of course, our advantages are not limited to the variety of offered services and products – we have many others. We certainly strive for these so that we are worthy of being at the forefront of this industry competition. Therefore, here we will also explain various points we believe players out there need to know. We do this to make them more confident to choose us.

Best Live Deal

We can guarantee that our various live casino services are the best offers you can get and are at the forefront of their class. You will not find various technical and trivial obstacles like usually come up in other Singapore live casinos. Thanks to the support of all the leading technologies, we can give the finest quality for your streaming. In addition, our live casino service is also accompanied by a wide selection of bonuses and promotions for your benefit. Therefore, your experience will be maximized, uninterrupted, and more authentic. 

Live Chat Support

Our passion for promoting a form of business that focuses on optimum accessibility keeps us prioritizing customers’ conveniences. We also understand that they often need help whenever a problem or difficulty arises. For this reason, we provide a Live Chat Support service that directly connects them with the customer care and services we provide. This service will always be on standby, 24/7, whenever needed. Apart from that, members and customers do not have to worry if they need guidance anytime: we are always there for you.

Instant Access

We also believe that speed is a point plus that needs to be prioritized. The faster the live casino Singapore service we have, the more you will be able to trust us as your best entertainment choice. So all our services and products have been designed at the most optimal rate. You will find delays, whether in transactions (deposits or withdrawals), game loading speed, availability in tables’ waiting for other players, and much more. Everything will be done quickly and instantly – we promise you!

Transparent Results

Our motto is supporting a safe and fraud-free ecosystem: security and trustworthiness are necessary. We never take it for granted and will always take firm action against cheating or scams! To be able to make that happen, all gambling and betting results from our services will be presented transparently so that all players can participate in ensuring the validity of the ongoing games. If you find a form of unfairness, you can contact us directly via the provided complaint line.

High Payout Results

Our last advantage, which you will not find at any other live casino Singapore, is our tendency to spoil our beloved members. That is why the various services and products we provide have been carefully selected to have a high amount of payouts. From here, not only will you get the excitement of playing with us, but also you may gain a large number of returns! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and join us at 77Bet SG – the most prominent live casino Singapore you can find!

77BET, Your best live casino games provider in Singapore

Indeed, with various explanations of our advantages above, they can be enough reasons why you should choose us. We are more than capable of being trusted with your entertainment matters. You no longer need to bother going to certain places just to enjoy playing casinos.

Through the live casino Singapore services that are provided on our platform, you can easily access them without losing the essence of the casino service. You can do all that by simply using your smart gadgets or desktop device! Very practical, isn’t it? So hurry up and join us, 77Bet SG, because the excitement, bonuses, and promotions are waiting for you!

Live casino Singapore betting tips and tricks 

  1. Control yourself – set a betting limit

Good players are those who understand how to control themselves. It can be actualized by planning how far you will play before starting. Plan a clear and binding boundary in advance: how long you will play, how many rounds, or how much money you will spend. It can all prevent you from overplaying and too much resource depletion. This way, you become more in control and will not go too far beyond your own limit.

  1. Avoid chasing a losing streak and know when to quit

Do not be too eager to pursue winning. Sometimes that is the way for the system to knock out players: so they spend more money and hours of play. Often these games are embedded with algorithms that allow for a win-lose streak. Through this scheme, players will be given easy wins and big prizes before finally being “beaten to death” with repeated defeats. Therefore, if you are facing loss more than once, we suggest that it is better to stop first and try again later to avoid getting caught in the scheme.

  1. Expert in a few live casino games strategies

Various live casino games are more likely to balance the existence of luck and skill of the players. Thus, instead of exploring all the live casino lines described above, we suggest focusing on just one: mastering the strategies and becoming the expert. It will undoubtedly provide a greater possibility for you to win and get returns. Therefore, just enough to choose 1-2 games and look for the best ways you can find to dominate them.

  1. Utilize free credits from Online Casino in Singapore

Our last recommendation is to take full advantage of Singapore live casino’s various bonuses and promotions. Not only free credits, but these can come in many other forms, such as free spins, cash backs, guarantee turnovers, bonuses percentages, multipliers, etc. By abusing all of them, you can get more benefits. Also, what is worth noting is that this is not the same as cheating! All bonuses and promotions are rights reserved for us to enjoy. In fact, it would be a shame if all of this was not enjoyed to its full potential.

How to Play Live Casino Singapore Games in 77bet ?

If, at this point, you are interested and curious about how to join us, then this is where we will talk about the steps. It would be straightforward to do – we have broken it down into three easy steps. You can do this anytime and anywhere because all you need is internet connection and your own device. Without any further ado, let’s get started:

  1. Create an account

The first step is to create a live casino Singapore account. You can do this from the portal page that we have provided. You can simply click on the yellow ‘Join Now’ button in the top right corner. After that, you just need to follow the instructions. We need some information to complete the registration process. After you fulfill everything, you will be directed to the login page and enter the account that has been successfully created.

  1. Cash Deposit

In order to start playing products and using our services, you need to have a balance in your account. You can do this by making a real currency deposit through our various available transaction methods. Just choose the easiest one, then enter the amount of money you want to put into the e-wallet Singapore live casino account. No need to worry about losing your money or taking a long time to arrive. You can trust us with this transaction – everything will be done quickly, accurately, and effectively.

  1. Kick-start your Live Casino Games

After you have successfully ensured that the money has entered your e-wallet and your balance has increased, at this point, your joining process is also complete. So, of course, you can start playing right away! Also, do not worry about wasting your money instantly: we have a variety of bonuses and promotions for new members and first deposits. This way, even if you lose, you do not have to bother about anything – we will be there for you!

Frequently Asked Questions: 77BET Live Casino Singapore

We will close this discussion with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about what is commonly asked regarding the Singapore live casino industry in general and about 77Bet SG in particular. So the conclusion of our discussion is: trust us, 77Bet SG. We can give you a satisfaction guarantee – we will not let you down! You will not find a better provider or brand worth your time than us because we are Singapore’s most trusted online casino. Have a nice play!

  1. Which live casino games are the best?

For sure, this question is easy to answer. As we have repeatedly emphasized: we are the best – 77Bet SG. Trust your entertainment business with us because you will never be disappointed with our performance!

  1. What is the method to play live casino games?

There are three easy steps to join and play with us: (1) registration; (2) deposits; (3) play and win! So what are you waiting for? Let’s join!

  1. Which is the most popular live casino game in 77Bet Singapore?

So far, as we described above, seven live casino games are most in demand by 77Bet SG members and customers: Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, Sicbo, Blackjack, Fan Tan, and Dragon Tiger.