The Rise of Mobile Casinos in 2020


Mobile casinos and gambling continue to grow in 202 as the want for owning smartphones shows no signs of slowing down and new innovations and technology make mobile gambling even more attractive to consumers. 

According to studies, online casino and mobile gaming have been increasing very rapidly for the better part of 2020. But why?

Here are the factors that fuel the rise of online mobile casino in Singapore and across the globe this 2020!


  • The Pandemic Crisis And Lockdown


Almost all land-based casinos and fancy gambling areas in the world closed their doors and stopped their services at some point in 2020. Meanwhile, millions of people are forced to work from home due to the nationwide lockdowns. 

As a result, almost everyone who identifies as a casino gambler or player had only one way to play and ease their boredom— mobile and online casinos. 

Across the globe, trends and reports found out an all-time high increase in mobile casino online searches right after lockdown. In some parts, it took about a few weeks and months before the demand for it spiked significantly. 

Eventually, mobile casinos became the only way to enjoy poker, slots, and other casino games. By May, most online casinos like had a record number of new players and customers. The growth curve had reduced slightly since then, with the governments easing the lockdown measures. 


  • Convenience


This is probably the number one factor on the rise of mobile casinos— the convenience that it provides. 

Most players don’t have enough time and patience to sit behind laptops of desktops to play their favorite casino games. 

However, with mobile devices, they get more accessibility and convenience when playing slots, roulette, and other casino games. 

Thanks to the portability of mobile devices, players can play while travelling or even during a short break at work. These ease of access and the convenience provided are both contributing factors to the increase in mobile casino traffic. 


  • Safe Playing


People are slowly embracing mobile casinos throughout the world. This is because of the fact that these platforms are secure and safe. 

In all fairness, the online gambling industry has a murky past and there were reasons why people might have avoided it in the past. However, in 2020, some mobile casinos are even safer than traditional brick and mortar establishments. 

This is mainly because of the regulations and safety standards required by established gambling regulating agencies. Agencies like the Malta Gaming Authority establish strict guidelines for online casinos to ensure that they are safe and secure. 

You can play without having to worry about hackers and deposit money without fearing scams. Plus, you also have the guarantee of receiving the profits you gained. 


  • Cheaper The Land-Based Casinos


Another reason why the online casino industry has been growing for years is that they can accommodate everyone’s budget. You could have a few dollars and play slots several times or a hundred of dollars to gamble for hours. 

You also don’t have to travel far to gamble. No need to wear a fancy dress or suit. No champagne or alcoholic beverage to order and impress the lady sitting next to you.

In other words, mobile casinos are inexpensive than the land-based casino. You simply need to turn on your mobile phone and open your favorite mobile casino app and play to your heart’s content. 


  • Lots of Bonuses


Several online casino Singapore offers have been increasing every year. However, that is not even the best part. Not only that, but gambling sites have also been dishing out extra bonuses and rewards for everyone. 

So, if you do not want to spend your money on games, then you can try the rewards and bonuses offered to you. Do you want to increase your bankroll after the first deposit, there is an even bigger offer just for you. Then, there are also rewards for high rollers and loyal customers. 


  • Progressive Jackpots


Ask people why they love playing casino games and they will mention winning big as one of the many reasons. Casinos actually promote the possibility of winning millions, or you can also win hundreds of thousands of dollars without risking much. 

Take note, however, that most casino games are based on chance. There is little you can do to manipulate the outcome of the slot and other casino games. However, such nature also means that everyone has an equal chance of winning. 

You could be a veteran or a new player. When lady luck is on your side, your $1 dollar can immediately turn to millions. 


  • Increased Legalization


Lockdown aside, another contributing factor that drives the growth of mobile casinos this year is the increased legalization of the gambling industry, particularly in North America and other Asian countries. 

Some countries and states are legalizing online casinos entirely, and some jurisdictions only authorize a portion of gambling games such as sports betting, bingo, poker, and slots. 

And where online gambling is not legal yet, they can play casino games offshore with mobile casinos. 


  • Technological Impact


Mobile gaming, bitcoin, VR, and AR are some of the technological innovations driving the growth in the online gambling space this year. With bitcoin, people trading in the cryptocurrency market has now a way to spend their earned coins. And using cryptocurrency to fund gaming accounts is a great use case. 

Mobile gaming, on the other hand, has helped people to conveniently access the internet. In addition, they make it practical to relish card games and slots wherever you travel. That and the increase of mobile casino apps are also a contributing factor. 

VR and AR are yet to take over the online casino industry, but it is now making strides. A few slot games now support VR; however, it is the card game players who are having the most out of the technology. Playing poker through VR enhances the overall experience like no other. AR is still on its way, but the possibility of having a virtual fellow player and dealer right in front of you will definitely be an amazing experience.