Have smartphones changed online betting?


The online gambling and betting industry has been around for decades now. It was originally a niche activity and one that only a very few people engaged in. 

Mobile technology, however, has completely turned this on its head as you will find out in this article. 


Mobile Gambling and Betting History


The first online casinos and betting entered the market in the early 1990s. However, it remained a somewhat unknown activity until the turn decade. However, those who developed the very first online casinos knew that they were onto something.

As internet technology advanced, the possibilities for online gambling and betting suddenly became obvious. It became clear that it could completely revolutionize the betting and gambling industry. 

Broadband internet transformed the lives of everyone in the world and with it, online betting and gambling exploded in popularity and growth. Online gambling and betting grew considerably, but it was not until around 2005 that its explosion began. 


Entering The Mobile Era


Around the later part of the 1st decade of the millennium, mobile betting sites and casinos became much more common. 

The big names in the industry realized that mobile betting and gambling was the next step in the business of online gambling and online betting Singapore has and made complete sense. By that time, smartphones had become prevalent and an essential part of people throughout the globe. 

Most people, especially the younger generations already have a smartphone at hand and almost never leave their house without their smartphones in their pockets or bag. 


Mobile As The New King of Gambling And Betting


Mobiles have completely changed the gambling and betting industry. Traditional sports betting outlets and brick-and-mortar casinos on the high street have reduced in number over the past decade, with online gambling and betting now dominating. 

In this modern era, if an operator does not offer a good mobile experience, then they are losing to their competition. 


What Makes Mobile Devices So Good For Sports Betting and Gambling?


There’s no doubt that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have changed the industry of online betting and online casino Singapore offers. Let us take a look at how this came to be. 


  • Flexibility and Convenience


One of the main advantages of using mobile devices like tablets or smartphones to bet online is that you can do it whenever and wherever you are. You will still need to have a proper internet connection, however, that is not an issue in most countries across the globe, particularly now that 5G is poised to take the world by storm. 

And the fact that we can carry our mobile devices wherever we go allows us to be more flexible and provides convenience since we can do all sorts of other things. And even if we’re working or commuting to work, playing a casino game, or placing a bet on sports will only require you to open your mobile devices. 


  • Uncomplicated Betting


Gambling on mobile devices is not much different from using your PC or laptop, except for the convenience that smartphones and tablets provide. 

If you’ve ever used an online bookmaker, then you will not encounter any issues when using the mobile platform. Their offerings do not change— operators will have the same sports market, promotions, and payment methods on both mobile and desktop. 

Doing this makes the transition from one desktop to smartphone simple. What’s more, is that using other services such as mobile wallets even makes it easier and uncomplicated. 


  • Mobiles Usually Offer Extra Bonuses And Features


Another main reason why mobile gaming is so popular today is because of the fact that operators often offer extra rewards and bonuses when you use mobile. You can download betting apps for Android or iOS, and you’ll see that it has more promotions than their online website that you can take advantage of while you are on the go. 

Moreover, some online bookies even offer exclusive mobile app features that you simply can’t get on the desktop site. 


  • Device Compatibility


Online betting sites and online casinos like https://77betsg.com/ attract gamblers to gamble on their mobile devices by making it easier to use across a variety of devices. When mobile gambling and sports betting was first introduced, the only option was to use the compressed version of the standard website.

These were slow and cumbersome. However, with time and innovation, sportsbooks created mobile responsive websites that can adapt to various devices. Optimized websites are now accessible from any updated browser.

After that, the apps came. The beauty of betting apps is that they’re designed to be fast and offer a better quality betting experience. With these options, bettors can now gamble from any handheld devices. 


  • Increased Security


Security has always been a concern when gambling and betting online. And with the increasing number of cybercrimes, players and gamblers became overly cautious on where they bet and play. 

Thus, bookmakers increased security with SSL encryption in order to protect their customers' data. Most platforms are also PCI-compliant, safeguarding card transactions. 

A plus side of betting and gambling on mobile devices is that most of them come with the inbuilt security of modern phones. For instance, fingerprint sensors, passwords, facial locks, and other physical features. 

Such features help in minimizing the risk of hacks and unauthorized access to their betting accounts. Mobile devices also have measures against viruses and malware. 


  • Safe Payment Methods


Another innovation in the betting and gambling industry is paying through smartphones. The casino industry didn’t create this payment method, however, players find it super convenient and easy to use— you can do it anywhere. 

In addition, mobile wallets offer safe payment on online betting sites protected with passwords and other security measures and don’t require you to input critical information such as credit card numbers or PIN. 


Final Thoughts


To sum it up, mobile devices indeed changes the online gambling and betting industry. The age of mobile gambling and sports betting is here and already taking over. As mobile usage continues to increase, so does the market share for online bookies. 

There’s no sign of its stopping soon and will just continue to grow in the coming years. We can only imagine what forms of innovation and exclusive features we will see later on!